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Announcing New LIBEC ALLEX Introductory and Self-maintenance videos
2014.11.05 update
New LIBEC ALLEX videos now available on LTV (Libec TV).
Check out the features, applications, and the benefits that the LIBEC ALLEX system has to offer. 
In addition, see how easy it is to self-maintain your ALX S slider.

LIBEC ALLEX Introduction video:

ALX S Maintenance Video 1 (Removing Parts)

ALX S Maintenance Video 2 (Adjusting the Platform)

ALX S Maintenance Video 3 (Cleaning)

Thank you for visiting us at Cine Gear Expo 2014 !!
2014.06.17 update
Thank you for visiting us at Cine Gear 2014 !!

Thank you for visiting us at Telemundo2014 !!
2014.06.10 update
Thank you for visiting us at Telemundo2014 !!

Cine Gear Expo 2014
2014.06.02 update

Did not have a chance to see our new system yet? No worries. CineGear would be a great opportunity to take a
look at the new style tripod system, ALLEX. The ALLEX head, tripod and slider are designed to work seamless together.

Feel it, explore it. Please visit Libec at CineGear.

Venue: Paramount Studio, Hollywood, CA
Date: June 6 - 7

We look forward to seeing you!

Cine Gear website

Telemudo Exhibition
2014.06.01 update

Thank you for the wait, Friends in Latin America. Libec will exhibit our brand new system, ALLEX at Telemudo.
The ALLEX system, head, tripod and slider would make your work much easier.

Please join us at Telemundo to explore our new gears.

Venue: Mexico City
Date: June 3 – 6
Booth# D8

See you in Mexico!

Telemundo 2014 official website

2014.05.16 update
New promotion video Bi-Wa, shooted by movie Director Yuji Nukui was added to Libec TV.
Every shot was taken with our new slider and tripod system ALLEX!

Click following link to watch this video 
LTV - Libec TV

Thank you for visiting us at NAB !
2014.04.15 update
Thank you for visiting us at NAB2014 !!

Come visit us at NAB2014! (C8225)
2014.04.02 update

We will be exhibiting at NAB 2014 show. 

Don't miss a chance to see ALLEX, our new style tripod system which will be exhibited for the first time in the world.

You can check ultra smooth slider ALLEX S, flat base & 75mm ball dual head ALLEX H, and wonderfull slider kit ALLEX S KIT. Other than ALLEX, perfect Libec lineup will be exhibited including LXRSRSPLUSJibarmRemote head and more.

Venue : Las Vegas Convention Center(LVCC), Las Vegas, USA
Date : Exhibits 7 - 10 April 2014
Booth : Central Hall , C8225

We're looking forward to seeing at Las Vegas !

2014.04.02 update
Libec will launch ALLEXthe new tripod system for small cameras at the upcoming NAB2014 
from April 7th through 10th. 

ALLEX, our new style tripod system, provides greater usability than ever by perfectly performing the following three movements; pan, tilt, and slide.

Sliders are quite often used with tripods, and a head needs to be installed on its platform in order to
mount a camera. Libec's ALLEX system offers a combination of the head, tripod, and slider, which 
is very simple yet extremely convenient and effective for all shooting purposes at a surprisingly 

competitive price.

For more information please visit ALLEX product page, please do not forget to check the PV of ALLEX.

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