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Thank you for visiting at Caper 2013 !!
2013.10.29 update
Million thanks for visiting us at Caper2013 !!

Russian website opened!
2013.09.15 update
We are pleased to announce that we opend Russian website.
Now you can check Libec's full lineup and the detailed product information in Russian.

Catalog in Russian also available to download. Please check it out.

Russian Website :

Russian catalog :
Thank you for visiting at SET2013 !!
2013.08.27 update
Million thanks for visiting us at SET2013 !!

Our service shop address change at New Location
2013.08.09 update
Our authorized repair shop, Transylvania, in the U.S. moved to the following address:
Transylvania Film/TV
10619 Burbank Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Tel:  818-763-2036
Fax:  818-763-2051
Unchanged professional services as always.
Thank you for visiting us at Cine Gear Expo2013 !
2013.06.10 update
Million thanks for visiting us at Cine Gear Expo !!

Spanish website update
2013.05.24 update
We are glad to inform you that our Spanish website is updated.

Now the renewal site has all detailed information on our newly launched models,
RS PLUS and LX10 series.

Thank you for visiting in advance.

Libec Spanish website

New products ! Longer control cable for REMO30
2013.05.08 update

Libec is pleased to announce the new CABLE5000, a 50m/165' control cable for REMO30.

This optional cable CABLE5000 can control the remote heads from a much far away distance
such as big studio or outdoor shooting which the standard cable is incapable of.
( Standard cable "CABLE500" can be connected up to 30m/99' in length)


Item               :  CABLE5000
Description :  Control cable for REMO30
Length          :  50m / 165'



Separate cable is needed for the monitoring signal from the camera to the monitor by connecting directly to HDMI or BNC. 

 * The signal is assured within this 50m/16.5” range and is not advisable to extend it further.

Telemundo - Expo Cine Video Television Show 2013
2013.04.30 update
Libec ‘s brand-new products, RSPLUS series and
LX10 line up, will be part of the Telemundo Expo in Mexico City.

Please visit us and feel excellence. 

Nos vemos!

Place: Mexico World Trade Center
Date: June 4 -7, 2013
Booth No: B-10

Related URL;
Telemundo official website
RS PLUS series
LX10 line up

Cine Gear Expo 2013
2013.04.19 update
Libec is going to Hollywood!

Please stop by our booth and explore newly launched products:
RSPLUS series and LX10 line up.

Your expectations come true there.
Place: The Studios at Paramount, Hollywood, CA
Date: May 31 – June 1, 2013
Booth No:27

Thank you for visiting at NAB !!
2013.04.16 update
Million thanks for visiting us at NAB 2013 !!

Upcoming Show ! NAB2013 (C7519)
2013.03.27 update

Come and see what's new from Libec at NAB2013 !
We will exhibit all Libec lineup including brand-new tripod system RSPLUS, and LX10 launched this March.
Venue   : Las Vegas Convention Center(LVCC), Las Vegas, USA
Date     : Exhibits 8 - 11 April 2013
Booth   : Central Hall , C7519
We're looking forward to seeing at Las Vegas !

LX10 Product page
RSPLUS product page

News release of new products !
2013.02.19 update

We are pleased to anounce our new products launching in March, 2013. 

RS PLUS, flagship 100mm ball tripod series with Libec's cutting edge technology, 
and LX10, upper model of LX5 and LX7 with a wonderful cost performance. 

Click the following image to check the news release.

With the new launch, "product" page fully updated. As for the detailed information such as concept, features, function, specification, system configuration please check the product page
RS PLUS product page   LX10 product page

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