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DV EXPO in Pasadena
2010.10.02 update

Thank you for visiting us at the DV EXPO in Pasadena. We had a very succesful and fruitful show with visitors. We hope to see you at the next show soon!!

Announcement for webpage renewal
2010.06.25 update

 Libec announces their updating website in accordance with a change of product lineup.

- Catalogs -
Catalogs for RS series and general products are available for download by PDF from the toppage.

- Parts list and operating manual -
All the parts list and operating manuals are available by PDF from each product page.
You can also check the list of the parts from the toppage of Libec website.

- RS-250 video clip -
Product information video clips of RS-250 were updated.
Please check the contents -Featured video- from the toppage.
4 languages, English / Japanese / Korean / Spanish, are available.    

Thank you Cinequipt team !!
2010.04.30 update

Thank you very much for supporting Libec tripod in MN area.
We are very proud to working together with Cineuipt team.
Photos are provided by Mr. Greg Meyers. Bryan was even wearing the appropriate shirt.


Product line change anouncement from May
2010.04.01 update

LIBEC has stopped delivery of following items in May and discontinued accordingly after all the stocks has been sold out.      
Monopod MP-66DV
Zoom pan handle PH-9  
Alminium Single Stage tripod  T78     
All system consist of T78 tripod will be discontinued as follows.
LS-60/LS-60M,  LS-70/LS-70M, LS-85/LS-85M
However, all other 2 stage tripod system such as
LS-60(2A), LS-60M(2A), LS-70(2A), LS-70M(2A), LS-85(2A), LS-85M(2A), LS-85(2C), LS-85M(2C) will remain available as standard package.

Following items will be excluded from LIBEC standard lineup. Still available.

LS-70(2C), LS-70M(2C)      
New products        
Adaptor plate AP-1    
The AP-1 helps you to instantly attach a small hand-held camera to a tripod adaptor.Built from magnesium material.
US suggested list price is $115.00  
All spreaders / rubber feet will be replaced from new system package in May. 


New launch from Libec! The RS 250 Series, for evolving small cameras.
2010.03.25 update

We are glad to publish latest news from Libec. Our RS-250 will be available from May. The RS-250 is camera capacity up to 13 lbs and equipped with fully adjustable counterbalance. Further more, the tild and pan drag mode is 2 step.
The retaile price is quite affordable so that many of comera shooters can enjoy this product.

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