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Política Ambiental
Libec / Heiwa Seiki Kogyo Co., Ltd. always considers environment protection a crucial topic for all humans and considers the environment in all aspects of our business activities.
We organize company members to promote environment protection activities. Through out our business activities, we minimize resources and reduce waste while continuously maintaining and improving environment protection activities.

We comply with environmental laws, regulations, and treaties. From the purchasing of materials to the delivery of products, we define and control all processed material and avoid violating any regulated environmental control substances.

We research and regulate the influence made by our business activities, making efforts to decrease environmental burden in the process of manufacturing, logistics, application, and disposal.

We create environment evaluations starting from the research and the design of our products, in order to achieve clean manufacturing and product delivery with minimal environmental burden.

We evaluate our environment protection activities by internal inspection to strengthen the management system.

We recommend our members to participate in environment protection activities in the attempt to improve the awareness of environment protection and to educate personnel for environmental controls.
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