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New Flagship Models - QD Series
2019.11.05 update

Libec's New Flagship QD Series Redefines the balance between Price, Payload, and Performance. As the first 150mm tripod and pedestal series in Libec history, the QH1 and QH3 heads are designed with a great torque system, perfect counterbalance system, and other advanced features. Our newly designed 60kg payload pedestal and heavy duty 150mm bowl tripod are reliable in the studio and on the field.

For additional product details, click on the following link:
New Tripod and Slider Systems - TH-Z Series
2019.05.28 update

The New TH-Z Series is the successor of the LIBEC ALLEX series, now lighter in weight and with greater versatility. Similar to the ALX KIT, the TH-Z is fit for sliders thanks to its Dual Head design, however, this hybrid model is equipped with the industry standard TH-X sliding/quick release plate that is compatible with other brand tripod heads. The New TH-Z is the perfect tripod companion for videographers using HDSLR or handheld cameras.

For details on the new TH-Z Series, be sure to visit our website here:
RS-350D Series Redesigned and Launched
2019.05.27 update

The RH35D fluid head, RS-350D tripod system, and the RS-350DM tripod system are new additions to the RS Series line-up.These models are suitable for semi-shoulder camcorders and handheld cameras with shoulder type configurations. 
For details on the RS-350D Series, check out the following homepage link here:
Thank you for visiting us at NAB SHOW 2019!
2019.05.26 update

Thank you very much for coming by the Libec Booth on NAB Show 2019!
The Libec team had a great time at the show and we appreciate the support and encouragements from our friends and partners from around the world. We look forward to seeing you again next year at NAB Show 2020!
Libec New Dollies and Pedestal System
2019.02.01 update

We are happy to announce a few New products! Libec will be launching three new dollies and one pedestal system with new designs. 
For the new DL-8RB, DL-10RB, and the DL-10RB Compact dollies, be sure to visit us at our homepage here:

For the new P110S Compact Pedestal System, check out the product page here:
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